Treating Erectile Dysfunction
If you cannot get an erection or if your erection isn’t firm enough for sex, then you are suffering from #Erectile #Dysfunction (ED). If the troubles are persistent, then it is a serious cause of concern.

You can take a look at the symptoms of ED listed here:
1. Symptoms
a. You find it troublesome getting an erection or keeping one firm enough for sex.
b. Your sexual desire is reduced and along with it, you experience other sexual problems which might include ejaculatory dysfunction.
2. Causes
a. There can be physical causes, like:
Medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Medical treatments like treatment of prostate cancer or surgery in the pelvic region.
b. If you are a heavy drinker, then you have cause for concern.
c. There can also be psychological causes, like:
If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, then that is a probable cause for the disorder.
Relationship problems might also lead to problems which extend to ED