First night
Intercourse on the first night is not compulsory unless you both feel comfortable to do so.
Expectancy of one partner may lead to disappointment – so keep an open mind.
Talking and communication about sex is the most important way to understand each other’s needs.
Do not forget foreplay – touching, hugging and kissing each other and exploring each other bodies,
Learn from each other if you are completely new to sex – give it time and do not rush it.
First night of sex may not always be the best experience –
especially if you do not know what you’re doing. Make an effort with your partner don’t let it be one sided.
Bride may feel pain in the vagina when male enters into it, so go very slow and give small and soft thrusts after entering. Use local non-allergic lubricant if the vagina is tight. Bleeding from vagina on the first occasion of intercourse is a myth and it is no evidence for virginity.
As a man do not force or expect it – get her in the mood first, the bride may upset due emotional upheaval.
It has been observed that premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction happens commonly on first night, due to overexcitement or apprehension. So dont feel underconfident or run for medication, give some time to your male organ to settle down.
Don’t expect to do, see or feel what you may see in porn or films.
Do not use sex as a barrier or to control the relationship on first night.
Practice makes perfect and sex is no different, it will need at least 30 episode of intercourse to make you perfect and some take whole life for finding perfection