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He certainly wasn’t the only person to have been troubled by their mind’s nocturnal activities. When it comes to erotic dreams, most of us have had plenty to be shocked about.


But dreams about sex are perfectly normal and they’re not a bad reflection on you, even if they do involve you sleeping with your old head teacher or worse. Over the years, we have found that the commonest sexual dreams reported by patients and clients are those that involve:


  • Your own spouse or partner – often in crazy situations
  • Having sex with a film star or TV personality
  • Being unfaithful to your partner with a friend or neighbour
  • Unknown strangers
  • Someone of the same sex as yourself
  • A partner of long ago
  • Being involved in an orgy or threesome – sometimes along with your current partner
  • Having sex with someone who in real life you can’t stand
  • Very disturbingly, dreams of having sex with a close relative
  • Also distressing, sex dreams involving violence.


Even in this sexually ‘open’ age, people are often worried because they’ve had dreams with a sexual content.

In particular, it can be very disturbing indeed if, in a dream, you do something that would be totally shocking for you in real life!


We dream because of the intense activity that is constantly going on in our subconscious minds. And since #sex is one of the most powerful of all human drives, it’s not surprising that so many dreams have a strong sexual content.


If we have deep urges to do certain things, they are highly likely to come out in our dreams – where our consciences cannot prevent them happening.