The Most Dangerous Sex Mistakes Men Make


When men first start learning how to give women sexual pleasure, the first thing we usually look are PHYSICAL techniques to please her. By this, I mean that most men think that the key to giving women orgasms is to thrust into her at the right angle, or to use the right degree of pressure during oral sex, or to rub her clitoris with a certain motion. Now, I do think that things like this have some importance. But what I’ve discovered is that for women, PSYCHOLOGICAL arousal is much more important than perfect physical technique.

This is hard for many men to understand, because we can have an orgasm if a woman just stimulates our cock in the right way. So we assume that it works the same way for women. But if you’ve tried focusing 100% on physical stimulation when you’re with a real woman, then you know this only frustrates her.

She doesn’t want a gynecologist who is constantly poking and prodding, trying to find the optimum angle of stimulation. She wants a REAL MAN who can RAVISH her with passion in the bedroom – a man who can arouse her on the PSYCHOLOGICAL level. This is why I tell men that if they want to become great in bed, the FIRST thing they should learn is how to flip her “Four Mental Arousal Triggers.” These are basically four ways to arouse women psychologically, and get them wet before you even start touching them.

I find that once you’re able to do this, it becomes EASY to give her multiple orgasms using any physical technique you want. But if you don’t know how to turn her on psychologically using the Arousal Triggers, giving her even one orgasm will be extremely hard and frustrating.